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Students 2 Science—a Model Program
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The Need Is Urgent
In Ranking, U.S. Students Trail Global Leaders
The U.S. is facing a national STEM crisis, fueled by a combination of an under-resourced STEM education system, a declining interest in STEM subjects among students, and a rapidly increasing global demand for a workforce highly skilled in STEM fields. The future of our national security and economic wellbeing is dependent on solving this crisis.
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0% Degrees in STEM 50%
China 41% of Degrees in STEM
India 26%
U.K. 22%
Japan 18%
Brazil 14%
U.S. 13%
Source:  "No Shortage of Talent." Accenture Institute for High Performance Analysis, 2011
S2S Programs Are the Solution
As a model program with demonstrated success meeting the needs of the public and private sectors, Students 2 Science (S2S) aims to inspire, motivate, and educate our nation's future STEM leaders by closing education, access, and opportunity gaps. We achieve this through cross-sector collaborations between businesses, institutions of higher education, district leadership, and workforce-readiness agencies while aligning STEM education with New Jersey’s and our nation's projected economic growth and global leadership.
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