Corporate Programs and Services

Students 2 Science (S2S) offers many great opportunities for meaningful employee engagement. Our Corporate Volunteer Program at S2S provides our partners with high quality, professional volunteer assignments, all with flexible hours based on their individual and corporate needs and schedules.

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These are some things we have heard from our corporate partners on emerging research (Forbes Magazine)

  • Corporate volunteers are enriched by their time with us as they experience teamwork, mentor the students, and spend rewarding time in the lab. Employers benefit through employee satisfaction and retention, two acknowledged benefits of employee engagement programs.
  • Students, many for the first time, are provided with role models in scientific fields who are willing to answer questions about their education and careers and show a clear pathway to a professional lifestyle.
  • Corporate officers value the highly visible community involvement and recognize the importance of improving the competency of future employees. In fact, corporate officers have recognized that sending teams of professionals as volunteers improves corporate morale as their employees describe how their work benefits the community.

The ACS (American Chemical Society), BioNJ and HealthCare Institute of New Jersey have all endorsed the S2S Corporate Volunteer Program. Our partners in the Corporate Volunteer Program include Airgas/Air Liquide, Ashland, Bayer, BD, Benjamin Moore, Bristol Myers Squibb Corporation, Celgene, Cisco, Daiichi Sankyo, Edison Properties, Merck, Novartis, Panasonic, PerkinElmer, Pfizer, PSEG, Sanofi, and Thermo Fisher Scientific, among others.

Here are some comments we received from our corporate volunteers:

  • “Being able to work with the students in their own classroom was a wonderful experience made possible by the V-lab technology. The students really enjoyed the work and learned more by working in small groups with active scientists right there with them. This program has real benefits for students, educators and volunteers. I am much closer to my colleagues, and we form a stronger team through our participation in S2S.” – Elizabeth Galella, Volunteer from Bristol-Myers Squibb
  • “Students 2 Science is creating a pipeline of STEM volunteer mentors by collaborating with major pharmaceuticals, technology and instrument manufacturers within the state of New Jersey. We believe this organization has global potential to support student’s learning.” – Karnel Walker, OEM Business Development Leader, Thermo Fisher Scientific; Member, African Heritage Employee Resource Group for Diversity and Inclusion Programs

Volunteer Roles

Your primary roles will be as participants in two S2S programs, bringing practical, real-world science experience to life with hands-on experiments and project-based learning.

Program One

The ISAAC Program (Improving Student Affinity and Aptitude for Careers in STEM) Locations: Students 2 Science Technology Centers – 66 Deforest Avenue, East Hanover, New Jersey or 765 Broad Street, Newark, NJ 07102

  • Provides students with an authentic STEM work experience in a commercial laboratory equipped with over $4 million of sophisticated equipment.
  • Engages middle school students with three visits to our S2S Technology Center over the course of a school year.
  • Offers opportunities to perform challenging and age-appropriate experiments (4 per day) using scientific methods to solve contemporary problems. The three major topics covered during the visits are matter, solutions, and separations.
  • Provides coaching and mentoring; all students work alongside successful scientists and technical entrepreneurs, many with PhDs.
  • Engages high school students in highly technical one-day experiments in organic chemistry, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and environmental science.
  • Offers future opportunities to take part in programs in forensics, engineering, and computer science, among others.

Program Two

Virtual Laboratory (V-Lab) Program: S2S, in partnership with Connectivity, Inc., and in collaboration with the American Chemical Society, has developed a fully interactive, Web-based, hybrid, distance-learning program to support elementary, middle, and high school science curricula.

Location: Sessions are held at schools, afterschool programs, camps or hospitals. Locations established ahead of time with the V-Lab team. Geographies vary, so look for what is convenient to work or home.

  • The V-Lab Program uses Connectivity’s proprietary communications platform to enable students (grades 4-12) in their classrooms or non-traditional settings to conduct a series of supplemental, age-appropriate, hands-on science experiments alongside professional scientists and instructors at the S2S Technology Centers in East Hanover or Newark.
  • Teachers are supported by this program in their efforts to present core curriculum subjects. S2S provides training and technical assistance to the educators, in order to support rigorous science offerings.
  • S2S supplies the kits and, through its network of supporting corporations, recruits local STEM professionals to provide in-class mentoring and instruction. S2S selects and trains these in-class mentors.